HELP what's happening to me?? (itching with crawling sensation)?!

Question: HELP what's happening to me.?.? (itching with crawling sensation).?
Okay so I just woke up in the middle of the night because I'm REALLY REALLY itchy on my toes, my inner thighs, my chest, underneath my chin, at the back of my neck and behind my ears.
I feel this crawling sensation all over me but I checked, and there were no bugs.... only rashes in the areas described above.

It's all red and has lots of little bumps with different shapes and sizes and in no particular pattern.


PLEASE HELPHealth Question & Answer

you're probably just experiencing an allergic reaction. Go through your day in your mind and try to pinpoint a possible trigger for the reaction... If you are really concerned, wait a couple of hours and if the sensation persists go see a doctor-even if it is only for your peace of mind.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you had an allergic reaction..
are the areas swollen or just itchy.?

If you woke up with the problem, then might I suggest it is something in your bed causing the irritation.?

Give it a few hours to die down - if it dosen't - see your doctorHealth Question & Answer

okay okay dont freak calm yourself down now do you have any cream like e45 or something like that it normally helps maybe the feathers in youre duvet or pillow is giving you excama ive had it before so just dont itch it I said dont!Health Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

Take a shower... maybe you are allergic to something.

Try some benadryl too.

Have you tried any new detergents on your blankets or night clothes.?

If nothing works... take yourself to the ER if it gets too bad.

~BrandyHealth Question & Answer

10 years paramedicHealth Question & Answer

Go to the doctor ASAP and you will likely be directed to a dermatologist.
The symptoms you describe can be many things.Health Question & Answer

Do you abuse ice.?Health Question & Answer

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