Stomach Flu/Flu {Help!}?!

Question: Stomach Flu/Flu {Help!}.?
Ugh, i have some serious heartburn. But i dont have a fever. My friend had the stomach flu, and said she had heartburn; so now im freaking out. I also have a "feeling" of throwing up.
I took the purple pill, and dont know if it'll work, or what
Please help. Im wonderingHealth Question & Answer

Oh, I'm sorry. The flu sucks, I just had it a week ago with a fever of 103 and I felt like I was DYING. Haha um sorry. That probably didn't help.

You don't necessarily have the flu. I wouldn't assume the worst, because convincing yourself that you are sick with the flu will just increase your chances of actually getting the flu.

Take it easy, drink plenty of water and take echinacea and vitamin C every day until you feel healthy again. I hope you feel better! :)Health Question & Answer

I am going through that right now heart burn constipation sister had stomach flu thought I had it but i got fever and no diareah. I threw up a little but still have bad heart burn drink lots of water take it easy eat light give it time eat a little more each day if it does not get better go to doc.Health Question & Answer

I'm sorry to say but you probably caught itHealth Question & Answer

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