INFECTED FINGER.................?!

Question: INFECTED FINGER..................?
I have a infected finger its by my nail its vary purple and getting bigger i have done salt water
i tried popping it to get the puss out but no puss

my mom wont take me to my doctors
what else should i try it feels like its going up my arm
i cant move my finger anymore
ps we live in canadaHealth Question & Answer

what is the cause of the infection.? is it hammered or a heavy thing was dropped over your finger.? the purple color is due to blood, it is called hematoma. if your nail is becoming discolored like going to be black, your nail may die and should be remove surgically. don't worry, nails are able to regenerate so consult a doctor. The feeling that it's like going into your arm is because of pain so or the meantime, if you have pain reliever or inflammatory drug like mefenamic acid, i urge you to take one. For antibiotic, seek a doctor's advice.Health Question & Answer

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If you are in school, tell the school nurse or your counselor. If it is infected, Your finger needs medical attention NOW! Perhaps your teacher or counselor or the nurse can get your mom to take you to the doctor. If it is going up your arm this could be very dangerous. Do you also live with your dad.? Tell HIM! You must get to the doctor now! If none of those work, call your local child protective services agency or social services. They will look at your finger and make sure you get medical attention.Health Question & Answer

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