If you fail your pulmonary function test will that help get disability approved?!

Question: If you fail your pulmonary function test will that help get disability approved.?
i have sarcodosis and fibrosis of the lungs along with depression. since i failed the test will it approve me.?Health Question & Answer

Nope probably not. And they deny every one the first time any way. Even with a failed pft, albuteral, and advair work wonders. Predisone, also can work well to improve lung function.Health Question & Answer

It is only one facet of the disability evaluation process. The results have to be significant enough to show that it would be impossible for you to function in a work environment. So, you can "fail" the test, but still be able to work (depending on what you do). Or you can have results that strongly suggest that you cannot function without demonstrating severe shortness of breath and fatigue.

The "depression" would have to be substantiated by a health care provider.Health Question & Answer

Registered Pulmonary Function TechnologistHealth Question & Answer

Not necessarily. . . you're still able to work. If you have proof you're going through severe depression that would probably get you on disability, but I know people who have worse ailments than you who were denied.Health Question & Answer

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