HOw cn i get rid of stretched marks in my butt and legs?!

Question: HOw cn i get rid of stretched marks in my butt and legs.?
I want to get rid of ths. Im only 16. I d0nt like it! I d0nt have the c0nfdnce to wear my bikini. HelpHealth Question & Answer

Rub olive oil into them - cheaper than bio oil and works in the same way. also another method is getting Vitamin E capsules and piercing the capsule and applying direct to the stretchmarks but that will only fade them from angry reddy purple things to silvery white. There is a treatment that repairs them - completely heals small ones and dimishes big deep ones but I am not sure if you have these clinics where you are. They are called Suntronic. They use laser to repair the damaged tears to the skin - that is what a stretch mark is. Plastic Surgery will remove them if you have excess skin and they cut it off like in a tummy tuck because it cuts away the damaged torn layers with the excess skin. But this is no good at your age so forget it. Stick with the olive oil or bio oil or vitamin E and know that you and a zillion other girls AND guys have them too. Relax, they are not as bad to others as they are to you.

Sadly you are prone to stretch marks so be sure to rub in olive oil every single day of your pregnancy. Cocoa or Shea butter work wonders too for this. This will hopefully prevent you from getting more but even this is not a guarantee.

Sorry honey but welcome to the world of grown ups.Health Question & Answer

When I was 27 I had my first son and 29 when I had my second son.
I got stretch marks on my body as the pregnancies made my body expand. At first they were very noticeable. Then, in time, they faded, but did not disappear. I have not obsessed over this because there is nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately, there is NO cure for stretch marks. Stretch marks are kind of like scars. When the skin is stressed, it is pulled beyond it's usual elastic characteristics, thereby leaving a scar line, a stretch mark. I do understand you may be self conscious about your stretch marks. However, you must realize that people who judge you on your appearance are shallow and do not deserve your time in the first place. If you had a friend you met in January, then still were friends in July, would you not like her if you saw she had stretch marks when she put a bathing suit on.?.? Just be yourself and do not let a mark on Your body define who you are. Boys who meet you and like you, will still like you, with or without stretch marks. Anyone who rejects you due to stretch marks is nobody you want in your life anyway.Health Question & Answer

I'm 17. I had an awesome body. THEN i fell pregnant. I have stretch marks on my hips, boobs, bum, back, my stomach, my thighs. Pretty much everywhere. To be honest nothing makes them go away. They fade with time. Skin creams and such do not work, they may moisten the top layer of skin but it is the deepest layer of tissue which is tearing and causes the scarring. Plastic surgery will not work. Nearly every woman has stretch marks. They are nothing to be ashamed of, I like to think of mine as 'battle scars' they kinda make me feel like a woman instead of a girl. Getting a tan whether fake or real conceals them a bit, maybe try some tinted moisturiser or sunscreen.? Dont worry about them, people wont be lookin at your stretchies if ur wearing a bikini!Health Question & Answer

well, I hate to tell you this, but you cant get rid of stretch marks. some of them go away, but not always, I have stretch marks and i dont care what people think of me, because truthfully, they have them too.Health Question & Answer

Try using Bio Oil. You'll have to use it regularly for a while though. It helped reduce the appearance of my chicken pox scarring.

It emulsifies your skin to make the appearance of the skin be more homogenous.

Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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Basically, they fade to little silvery lines with time, but I have never been able to get rid of them. Good luck with anything you try.Health Question & Answer

bio oil or coco butter will help, everyone has them though so dont worry, a tan will help so if your pale them also use some fake tan san tropez is the best, good luckHealth Question & Answer

Mederma is a cream you can purchase at the drug store that helps reduce scars.Health Question & Answer

You can buy cream from chemist or get plastic surgeryHealth Question & Answer

i have heard that bio oil works quite well but takes a long time to actually work!
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