A QUICK way to cure an ear infection?!

Question: A QUICK way to cure an ear infection.?
Im not sure if i have one but are their any quick ways i can cure one so i can fly on a plane tommorow.?Health Question & Answer

Oh man, go to the doc. get some antibiotics. I recently had one and I had an infection and fungus. I got in a plane and it was like someone was stabbing me in the ear with an icepick as the plane went up. It was horrible. hope that makes you feel better.Health Question & Answer

Simply put, no. The depressurization in the plane will make it hurt. Even if you don't have a problem you have to equalize the pressure by chewing gum or yawning or whatever maneuver you use. Imagine if nothing you did worked and with an infection nothing will and the pain will get much, much worse.
God bless.Health Question & Answer

Some one told me when I had an earache (I think it was an infection) to use equal parts white vinegar and alcohol. I mixed it, put a cotton swab in it, and let it drip into my ear canal. I did it one evening and the next morning and my ear felt much better. Everyone I've told about it who tried it said it worked for them.Health Question & Answer

No, if you truly have an ear infection you'll need a dose of antibiotics.Health Question & Answer

4th year medical studentHealth Question & Answer

NOHealth Question & Answer

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