Do i have throat cancer?!

Question: Do i have throat cancer.?
I went to the doctors on Friday March 27 and he diagnose dme with an upperr espiratoy infection. He gave me anitbiotics and i finsihed them. I no longer have a fever,i actually feel fine. Only thing is that my throat is still hurting me, mainly on my left side whenever i swallow. I cant feel any nusual lumps onmy throat and my voice has not changed. Only thing i feel is like i have two large ping pong balls inmy throat. iv felt these " balls " before, but not as large. I plan on goin to the docoto rs on Monday April 6th if this keeps up. What do u Think.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

those "balls" might be glands or lymph nodes which swell up (and hurt) when you body is fighting infection. sometimes there is infection without a fever. It might be your tonsils. your body fighting infection is a good sign that your immune system is working, but it is under some stress. I think you should make that doctor's appointment, but try to put your mind at ease that it isn't cancer. get well soon!!!Health Question & Answer

I don't think it's cancer.
Cancer doesn't appear in 2 weeks (even if you smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day).
It's probably your infection going down to your lungs which isn't good. Go to the doctor first thing so he can give you a proper examination.Health Question & Answer

they could just be your tonsils swelling up from you being sick. You could possibly talk about removing them with your doctor, but there's no way of knowing until you consult with him first.Health Question & Answer

go back for a followup check up .
do you smoke.?
now might be a good time to quit.Health Question & Answer

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