Blackheads, whiteheads, help!?!

Question: Blackheads, whiteheads, help!.?
I recently bought Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub and Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating scrub and wondering do both of them work well to treat and prevent acne.?Health Question & Answer

All neutragena products are high quality.

Be cautious how you decide to treat your acne, as different skin types require different considerations.

If you have oily skin and your pores get blocked with dirt and oil, then a scrub will help cleanse the blocked pores.

Overdoing this can lead to more problems if you irritate sensitive skin, leading to additional whiteheads, so be careful not to over scrub.

A method of removing blackheads that is a little gross is to take a piece of very sticky tape (try to get the white tape in pharmacies -- it is best). Press the tape onto an area with blackheads and rub it in, then pull it off easily -- you will be amazed at the number of blackheads that come out with the tape.

After you've scrubbed your skin, or used this tape technique, be certain that you wash it with a moisturizing soap, or apply a cream such as clearasil (Benzyl Peroxide - any brand will do) on any reddened areas.

Never, repeat, never touch your face with your fingers or hands unless you are washing your face: this is the number one way you increase the number of pimples on your face.

Keep your nails trimmed and clean thoroughly under your nails as well.

If any of these treatments cause increased skin irritation past the first day or so, or your problems increase, stop the treatment or see your dematologist.Health Question & Answer

I am a pharmacistHealth Question & Answer

I think the good pharmacist gave you some bad advice. Dermatologists never recommend "scrubbing" your skin. That is the worst thing you can do really. The tape thing is OK but if you really want to treat your condition and keep it under control, go see a dermatologist and he/she will likely give you a topical product like Duac, Benzaclin, and or Differin Gel. These products are perfect for your described condition and are well worth the price.Health Question & Answer

Dermatology SalesHealth Question & Answer

i got the clean and clear scrub.. and it worked only a little... not much i still have blackheads on my nose...
nuetrogena seems to work wayyyy better... i got the acne something i think... cant remember but it worked well..
they arent AMAZING products but they help with the minor stuffHealth Question & Answer

used them:)Health Question & Answer

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