Dog with cancer- how long to live?!

Question: Dog with cancer- how long to live.?
My dog was diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to a year to live (This was April 1st.) This morning I woke up to bloody vomit all through the kitchen and on all the dog bedding. She continues to vomit blood/clots periodically. She is restless, tired, and won't eat or drink. I know there is nothing I can do for her at this point but I was simply wondering how long I expect her to live in this kind of condition. I wouldn't think it would be very long but I'd mostly like to have a guideline on what I can possibly expect. As today is Sunday I won't be taking her to the vet but if she is still alive through the night I plan on having her put down. I don't want to see her suffer.

Thanks for any help!Health Question & Answer

3 years ago my dog had leukemia, jaundice, and autoimmune deficiency and she lived for 2 months after her diagnosis (she also had a blood transfuaion) she was bad like your dog at first, she would faint and stuff but after 2 days of that she seemed to get a little better untill she got worse again a few days before we put her down, so mabe your dog will get alittle better soon. mabe he/she is having a bad day and will feel better tomorrow. i would give it a few more days unless he/she is really suffering.Health Question & Answer

I'll be surpised if she lives through the night. What a horrible death. There's emergency vets all over the country. You should go to one.

Thumbs down me all you want, this person is letting her dog suffer unbearable pain because she doesn't want to go to an emergency vet to put her poor dog out of her misery. If anything happens to any of my animals on weekends or after hours, I take them straight to the e vet and worry about anything else later.Health Question & Answer

The dog has to enjoy quality of life. If the cancer is treatable there is always the chance it can return. Having the dog put to sleep with an injection that brings on sleep and then stops the heart is a kind way of
ending life. A vet will give you an honest answer.Health Question & Answer

I always like to consider, that a pet who is critically ill, in terrible pain, or cannot function, would never survive in the wild, from which they came.

We have access to mercifully end their suffering.

It's tough, but it's the humane thing to do.

I've lost too many. I don't want to lose any more.Health Question & Answer

I agree with Jake!

As sad as it is!

We can end the suffering of our pets when their condition is terminal...Why prolong their suffering!Health Question & Answer

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Pets doctor can tell you better.Health Question & Answer

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