Is getting Clorox Bleach on your hands only for a minute bad?!

Question: Is getting Clorox Bleach on your hands only for a minute bad.?
I was bleaching this white canvas-cloth bracelet i have because it was getting dirty, and the Clorox Bleach got on my hands momentarily (only a little, it wasn't my whole hand) after which I washed my hands thoroughly. I read the Clorox bottle, which says don't get it on your skin and obviously I know it's a harmful chemical but now I'm really paranoid - am I in trouble if it was on my hands for only a minute.? Less than a minute actually.?Health Question & Answer

If you ingested it, it would be really bad and then you would need to contact the Poison Control and go to the ER.

Getting it on your hands is okay. Just wash your hands with soap and hot water. Do not touch your eyes.

It is a harmful product when you are constantly exposed to it. Smelling it, washing with it, drinking it.

But if it's on your hands for a minute, no problem. Just don't make a habit of it.Health Question & Answer

No dont worry - if you just washed your hands thoroghly afterwards it will be absolutely fine.Health Question & Answer

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