My niece and her familys hair & body oder?!

Question: My niece and her familys hair & body oder.?
How to tell her and her family they stink! In a nice way. They live on a ranch and they live like the 1800 hundreds with water from a water truck. But come on when they are by you they really stink . HelpHealth Question & Answer

For holiday and birthday presents, give them soap, shampoo and perfumes. They will get the hint.Health Question & Answer

I have more important things to think about.Since my wife was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer,she and I don't worry about the little things any more.Health Question & Answer

Just tell her, hopefully being female she will get it and take care of itHealth Question & Answer

buy some perfume adn when u go there say "omg! i got this new perfume smell it!" and then spray it on them and everywhere.Health Question & Answer

wrong forumHealth Question & Answer

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