Friend of mine has swollen, ichy hands. any ideas?!

Question: Friend of mine has swollen, ichy hands. any ideas.?
Could be eczma, especially if ichy and red. Get him to try E45 ( from any chemist or Boots/Superdrugs ) and keep using it as directed for a couple of weeks.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like an allergy, try an over the counter hydro-cortisone cream & moisturise with aqueous cream. You should discuss with the pharmacist too. If they agree it is likely to be an allergic reaction, your friend will then need to identify what it might be too. Change of products recently.? Soap powder.? washing up liquid.?The list can be endless.If the problem reoccurs & you can't find what is causing the problem, your friend will need to go through their Dr for allergy testing.Health Question & Answer

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