My sisters blood sugar is 400 what should we do?!

Question: My sisters blood sugar is 400 what should we do.?
shes been taking prednisone and she had pneumonia what should we do shes been in the hospital for 1 weekHealth Question & Answer

If I were taking care of her, I would be targeting sugars in the low two hundreds. You could request that an endocrine consult be employed to help manage her sugars. Her blood sugar is elevated due to both the prednisone and the stress of the disease process. You really don't want to force her sugars too low. A single week of elevated blood sugars is not particularly detrimental - the people taking care of her are watching for ketoacidosis and will respond with more aggressive management if it presents. After she gets over the pneumonia (their main focus right now) then a more concerted effort to control her sugars can be waged, but give it a week after the prednosone is finished to let her system normalize.Health Question & Answer

Medical providerHealth Question & Answer

The hospital is the place she should be...the care she needs is there.
Sometimes medications can cause the blood sugar to become out of control. The hospital will bring her blood sugar down and they will show her how to maintain a good blood sugar. Diabetes takes some work. It's an everyday duty that must not be ignored. It's one that I must manage everyday.Health Question & Answer

If she has been in the hospital for a week & her blood sugar level is still @ 400, the hospital staff are not doing their jobs -- or someone is sneaking her food she isn't supposed to have. ~:|>Health Question & Answer

If she's in the hospital then she is getting the best care available.Health Question & Answer

If she's in the hospital the doctors know what to do they'll take care of the situation.Health Question & Answer

They aren't doing their job 400 is dangerous bring it up to her doctor NOW!Health Question & Answer

Do they know her sugars are that high..that is dangerous. Please tell someone!!!Health Question & Answer

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