I think my new bf gave me an infection, what is a good free treatment?!

Question: I think my new bf gave me an infection, what is a good free treatment.?
He says use hot water and vinegar but that is not helping. I am ditching the dude. He is dumb and diseased.Health Question & Answer

If this guy had one STD, he might have others. I'd go to your local health department and have them run some tests on you for various STD's so the doctors can treat you correctly. There is no other type of treatment for STD's, you'll most likely need antibiotics. And just pray he wasn't HIV infected, you need to be tested for that too. Might not be what you wanted to hear, but it's what you must do. My prayers are with you that it's something treatable and not something terminal. Now that you know, go get tested. It's the only way to find out and be sure. Stay healthy and Take Care of Yourself!Health Question & Answer

A good free treatment would be getting yourself to a free clinic in your area and get tested for STD's. There are no home remedies for STD's. Not to mention you should really find out what he gave you because certain diseases left untreated can progress into serious health complications.

For instance if syphilis is left untreated you can end up with major vision or major cardiac problems.Health Question & Answer

Depends on the type of infection you think you got...you might want to go to the health department to get tested for whatever you think you have-they often give free treatment to prevent the spread. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

It depends on the infection. Some need treatment with antibiotics. If you have a yeast infection, there are over the counter creams you can buy.Health Question & Answer

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