What would happen if i never showered again?!

Question: What would happen if i never showered again.?
u wont find anyone within a 20ft radius of you. (radius gets larger as time goes by)

brown thin second layer of skin slowly starts to cover your body. (the layer will get darker as time goes by)

smell (gets worse, as time goes by)

hair gets oily, greasy, smelly, stinky, lice gets in it and becomes itchy.

u will get ticks, beetles on you (beetles as in the bugs, not the singers)

u will notice that as time goes by u gain weigh...even though you shouldnt be normally.

pimples all over the place, since pores etc are closed.

u begin to rot away.

everyone visits you in Hazmat suits,

some time later, it finally becomes so bad that you get put infront of a firing squad, and get shot to death. one scum of the earth down, some more to go.Health Question & Answer

If you swim 365 days/year you might be OK.

Or if you sleep with a dog with a long tongue.Health Question & Answer

Other than the bad smell you mean.?
People would run from you in droves.Health Question & Answer

You could always Bathe or. . . you'd stink like onions and people would run away from you. Really fast, too.Health Question & Answer

You would smell bad and mabye get lice and nobody would want to hang out with youHealth Question & Answer

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