Can hikies cause blood clot to your brain and kill you?!

Question: Can hikies cause blood clot to your brain and kill you.?
i got to large hickies on my neck and my freinds tell me i could die bye getting a blod clot to my brain or sumthin like that...i here a lotta differ answers so my question is can u actually die form a few hickies.?.?i want facts not opinions.Health Question & Answer

No, you won't. Don't worry and relax. An extra point. Too much sexual activity will make you tired and lower your performance at work. God bless.Health Question & Answer

They are totally medically safe.
Your friends are lying, or just panicking because they know their blood clots.
Love bites are fun, enjoy them =]Health Question & Answer

I went and checked, so you can get your 'facts'

.?qid=20080721145631AANxeZM"> << that's where from.Health Question & Answer

lol noHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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