I've started seeing rings in front of my eyes. Anyone else have this?!

Question: I've started seeing rings in front of my eyes!. Anyone else have this!?
It severely impairs my vision!. I dont want medical advise, just personal experience!.Www@Youqa@Cn

personal experience is either A: you've got something drastically wrong with your eyes, B: you have a severe Migraine Or C: you've been staring at the sun too muchWww@Youqa@Cn

If it severely impares your vision, there is a spectacular chance that you have developed cataracts!. Old folk aren't the only sufferers, it's also carried genetically!. Been there!. I was 19, and I was one of the trial patients for the then new thing called Lasik Surgery!. It worked great!. It took me awhile to convince my brain to go through with it, but when they pulled my drivers license because I couldn't see, I went ahead with it!. Best decision I ever made!. Word of advice to you though, If you do nothing about your vision problem, it will only get worse!. And there will come a point where you waited too long for anyone to do anything for it!.Www@Youqa@Cn

You are probably seeing halos - I have these due to astigmatism!. For me, they only occur at night when viewing lighted objects, or sometimes in the day when there is something bright against a dark background - like some street signs!. If these things occur all the time, it is more likely a symptom of high blood glucose from diabetes!.Www@Youqa@Cn

I occasionally get this effect after rubbing my eyes!. also, I see many concentric dark green and navy rings on the back of my eyelids, when my eyes are closed!.

But srsly, SEE A DOCTOR! It could be a sign of going blind - and there are prescriptions to prevent that!.Www@Youqa@Cn

Personal experience is not going to diagnose your condition!. Make an appointment with your optometrist before you're blind and can not even dial the telephone!.Www@Youqa@Cn

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