Bug bites in Florida panhandle that leave welts and itch bad.?!

Question: Bug bites in Florida panhandle that leave welts and itch bad...?
We have little ants, like sugar ants but they do bite.. I have welty itchy bites on my ear lobe, back, butt, shoulders, ankles.. I walk my Pug 4 times a day and probably get some at that time but have also found them in my underpants and sox.. I have tried a multitude of remedies to stop the itch but little seems to help or takes a long time.. I am not native to this area being from WA State.. Any information about the source of these welts would be VERY welcome and also what to do to get rid of the itch.. I have used W-D 40, Campho Phenique, Cutter bug rollon and Apple Cider Vinegar.. Thank you so much for any help provided..Health Question & Answer

use skin so soft!
its really good
your right there is alot of bugs in florida, but good luck....
i hope they stop the itch....
just use skin so softHealth Question & Answer

well from the description i would have to say that sounds allot like a allergic reaction try the hospital cause it could just be hives..Health Question & Answer

use goldbond itch cream or benadryl cream they work super good for bug bites its probably mosquitosHealth Question & Answer

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