Blood pressure reading was 122/ this good or bad? i am 22 years old............?!

Question: Blood pressure reading was 122/ this good or bad.? i am 22 years old.............?
i am 22 years old............weigh about 179 and am above 6 feetHealth Question & Answer

Thats a good BP. The standard used to be 120/80 is normal. The lastest is that a BP less than 120 for the top number and less than 80 for the bottom number is good. However, people tolerate different blood pressures. For instance, my BP can be 80/40 (5'8-165 lbs-35 years old) and I tolerate it fine, other people would pass out. My husbands pressure is generally 135/88 and thats considered pre-high blood pressure (ofcourse he smokes and is overweight) so thats his problem. If you feel fine with that BP then I would say, thats a great BP for you. CongratsHealth Question & Answer

magnitude is not the only thing that is used to classify whether a given blood pressure is normal or not.a wide range of factors are required to classify blood pressure as normal e.x. for a individual who do not do any physical activity a B.P. of 130/90 is more but for a man working at a construction site as a labourer this is normal.Health Question & Answer

totally normal... text book "normal" is 120/80 but most range slightly above and below thatHealth Question & Answer

I would pay money for that reading/./ mine is 170/112 eeeekHealth Question & Answer

perfect blood pressure dude :)Health Question & Answer

Its normalHealth Question & Answer

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