Looking for experiences with wolff-parkinson-white?!

Question: Looking for experiences with wolff-parkinson-white.?
A 16 yr. old family member has had wpw with 2 ablation performed to correct it. 6 months post ablation we just learned it has returned!! Anyone with a similar situation and what was the next step and ultimate treatment.? Or anyone with medical expertise who can speak to this issue.? Thanks.Health Question & Answer

I have a longtime friend who has battled with WPW for probably 12 years or more now. He underwent several cardiac ablations throughout those first few years. He ws throwing so many extra beats they were contemplating sending him to Kansas (I believe) where the doctor who invented the cardiac ablation technique practices medicine. Just before that, they put him on medication and he has not had a problem since. Of course he exercises regularly and adheres to a fairly strict diet. I have provided you with a link to the Cleveland Clinic to see what WPW is and treatments for the condition. My friend looks better then he has in years. Best of luck to you.Health Question & Answer

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