My throat feels like i have a bunch of knives slicing it! any home cures?!

Question: My throat feels like i have a bunch of knives slicing it! any home cures.?
ive got a chest infection (and so have a really sore throat and cough) my sore throat is the worst though! its like knives are slowly slicing my throat and it feels on fire, swallowing is just torture. ive been the doctors and im on antibiotics and some sachets drink things to help get rid of the Flem but im in spain on holiday and impossible as it may seem they don't sell throat syrup (you know the thick medicine that helps coat the throat) anyway what else can i take to help with the redness and pain in my throat.? thanksHealth Question & Answer

the best commercial product is probably Buckley's Mixture ... over the counter ... really does the trick for throats ...

but no syrup in Spain .?!.?

a home cure ... hmm .... honey IS good .... make some hot water, and mix in the honey ...lemon juice is as good as lime ...

I'm sure you've got ibprofen of some brand to help deal with the swelling inside your throat....

some types of honey have also been shown to be antibiotic, but mostly it'll just help coat the inflamed tissue with something soft.

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Eat straight honey this kills bacteria so every one is on the right trackHealth Question & Answer

honey and lime juiceHealth Question & Answer

PUT SAUGASE DOWN YOUR THOART .Health Question & Answer

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