What are some smoking statistics?!

Question: What are some smoking statistics.?
change in percentage from 2000 to 2008 for american and if possible, global.
doing persuasive paper and need that info plz
possibly also # of cancer patients.Health Question & Answer

There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today, and if current trends continue, that number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2025.

Worldwide, approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased a minute, 15 billion are sold each day, and upwards of 5 trillion are produced and used on an annual basis.

It's estimated that trillions of filters, filled with toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke, make their way into our environment as discarded waste yearly.

There is enough nicotine in four or five cigarettes to kill an average adult if ingested whole. Most smokers take in only one or two milligrams of nicotine per cigarette however, with the remainder being burned off.

Worldwide, one in five teens age 13 to 15 smoke cigarettes.

Every eight seconds, a human life is lost to tobacco use somewhere in the world. That translates to approximately 5 million deaths annually.

In 2006, 20.2 million (17.8 percent) of women smoked in the United States.Health Question & Answer

100 % of all people will die.Health Question & Answer

100% of all people who smoke will die.Health Question & Answer

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