Can you help me with my vertigo?!

Question: Can you help me with my vertigo.?
I was diagnosed for a meniere disease a few years ago, after my first vertigo attack.

I only get an acute vertigo attacks every now and then but usually only once every year. This year however, I was sort of excited as I haven't got any vertigo at all.

Unfortunately, just two days ago, I got vertigo again. It was only a small vertigo, nothing serious. But today is the third day, and it hasn't go away! I only feel dizzy whenever I turn my head right. Nothing happens when I do something else, just when I turn my head right.

I have drank my medication, rest for three full days, but nothing happens. In fact, right now, the third day, the dizziness comes more severe than before. I can still function but not completely, as long as I don't tilt my head to the right side.

Is this going to be permanent.? I'm scared.Health Question & Answer

honestly it's a chronic condition experienced mostly by peeps 35 to 60 y.o. but it's very gradual, compared to the sudden worst symptoms of labyrinthitis. It will only go permanent if you don't stick to the medical regimen, your endolymphatic fluid in your inner ear (responsible for balance) are above normal thus causing vertigo, it may be caused by stress, allergy, family history, microbes...

the best thing you can do is to limit your salt intake, because salt attract h2o thus contributing to the increasing endolyphs. Avoid smoking too (if you are) it constricts blood vessels thus increasing fluid pressure. 2gms or 1 teaspoon of salt only a day distributed to your entire day worth of food or If you like no salt at all. avoid caffeine, canned foods etc.. dont get dehydrated though with all that fluid management, everything has to be balance.

continue your atropine meds as prescribed. and diuretics, antiemetics and sleeping aid and with proper diet. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

meclizine works 4 me when it gets bad ! I can never walk while looking up or I fall flat on my face ! !Health Question & Answer

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