I was told my 17 year old son has palpitations or an irregular heart beat? What does this mean?!

Question: I was told my 17 year old son has palpitations or an irregular heart beat.? What does this mean.?
It doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong. Many people have an irregular heart beat that doesn't affect them. However, if your son has any of the following signs then you should follow up with his doctor and insist that they do an EKG and have it read:

Shortness of breath
Chest pain
tingling arms
Pain in the jaw neck or back
Swollen feet or legs
Generalized fatigue even when resting
Hard time breathing when lying down
Up at night to pee often
Waking up short of breath in the middle of the night
Bluish tinge to the nailbeds (hands or feet)
Sitting in a squatting position when short of breath
Double vision

Any of these could signal a problem. If he otherwise is healthy, he could just have an irregular heart beat, alot of teenagers do. The next time he has a doctors appt. have his cholesterol checked, he will have to fast the night before (nothing to eat or drink) for 12 hours before the test.

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