IM a diabetic with sugar levels that fluctuate, lately i've been coughing severly which is causing me to vomit?!

Question: IM a diabetic with sugar levels that fluctuate, lately i've been coughing severly which is causing me to vomit.?
I just had my appointment with my Dr who said that it might have been my high blood pressure meds, this doctors changes my meds every 3 months and still nothing is helping , it's seems like it's just getting worse,what should i do , i exercise , i eat good. someone pls help.Health Question & Answer

You have fluctuating bg.? let me ask, are you type I or II.?

My answer:

You have to understand something about blood sugar and I don't know if you see an endo or an Internal Medicine Doctor but let me enlighten you a bit as to why you are possibly going up and down.

1. If you exercise too much as a diabetic this can be dangerous. Coupled with insulin injection and exercise, bg can rapidly fall causing the liver to release its stores of glucose causing a spike in sugar. Now, normally the liver stops this when the pancreas kicks in to regulate but since your pancreas can't do that it just spikes and spikes until you inject yourself with insulin. Make sure to exercise sure because exercise is a great key to controlling diabetes but remember that if your body senses you going low on sugars you liver will over compensate creating a horrid up down rollercoaster that can leave you feeling ill.

2. If you are insulin resistant, I suggest you start talking to your doctor about being prescribed a pill called ACTOSE. It helps with insulin sensitivity and may just help you out. I know if I take too much insulin I tend to feel funny and squemish and I vomitted a couple of times. Coughing may just be indicative of a side effect from the medications that you are taking or the simple fact that you may be catching a cold and the nausea is coming from whatever illness you may be contracting which would also be one indictative reason why your bg is fluctuating, during times of illness the body weakens and its ability to regulate itself decreases so keep a two to four hour watch on your bg levels while sick.

3. Eating well is harder to do than most people think and eating well pre diabetic and eating well post diagnosis is a severe change. I find that a diet isn't good enough. I suggest becoming a semi vegetarian. Meaning that you eat more vegetables than anything else. Eat many green vegetables and keep the bread intake to wheat, whole grain and keep your carb content to a specified number a day but don't go overboard. You should also keep glucose tablets in your pocket. They are controlled release and when you go low, you will come up fast and steady a certain amount. Trust me, 1 tablet when you go low is enough to bring you up fast, and 5 minutes later if you need it again, pop another tab. it brings it up fast but at a small step by step rate.

4. High blood pressure meds I don't know much about but what I do know is that these meds could cause nausea. But I also know that high blood pressure could CAUSE nausea and when you are about to vomit you should note that the body sometimes will cough before vomiting.

5. I suggest you get a second opinion from an endocrinologist. If you aren't already seeing one.

Ok, in my personal experience with this stuff.

I used to have high blood sugar spikes and lows all the time. Simply taking ACTOSE for me helped regulate my insulin levels and blood sugar levels closely which in turn lowered my stress level which in turn lowered my blood pressure. I used to run 256/125 constantly for a year. Then I started to relax and de stress.

A few things I would like you to do when you go to bed tonight.

Stretch your whole body before doing this.

1. Meditation. Yes u heard me. Become like a Buddhist monk and sit down with your back against the wall with your palms on your knees.

2. While sitting become observant of your body. What is stressed.? What muscles are tense.? What aches.? What hurts.?

3. Once you have ascertained what your physical pains and stresses are seek to ascertain your life stresses. What is bothering you that you would like to work out.? Do you feel the need to talk about something.? Can you handle the stress you are under.?

4. Once you have ascertained all this, calm down and focus. Close your eyes relax your body keeping your back straight propped against the wall. Let your shoulders droop down relaxed. Breath in deep through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. Do so the whole time you are meditating.

5. Envision that you are sitting somewhere peaceful. Maybe on a prairie with a sweet scent in the air and wind blowing calmly on your face. Keep that vision of that place and focus in on it until you can literally feel yourself there. Keeping your breathing slow and rhythmic In through your nose out through your mouth slowly.

6. Now once you are here, empty your mind of all its pains and aches and focus on relaxing your body mind and spirit. Let all your worries and pains go and keep breathing like I said before.

7. Stay in steps 5 and 6 until you feel relaxed. Remember you need to breathe in and out fully and completely. Don't short yourself on your breathing. Full capacity breath everytime.

This whole process should go on as long as necessary.

Then stretch yourself out again and go to bed. Wake up and repeat the process before you start your dayHealth Question & Answer

I too am a diabetic, or was, I no longer need meds, and while I watch my diet closely, I eat pretty much whatever I want. Curing the diabetes also got my blood pressure under control and I no longer take blood pressure meds. How did I do it.? I found a book, written by a doctor on behalf of his diabetic mother. Get it, read it, it could save your life, it did mine.
One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes, by Dr. James Chappell.Health Question & Answer

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