What can I do to help a person who is having trouble breathing?!

Question: What can I do to help a person who is having trouble breathing.?
They have the flu and also asthma. Thanks.Health Question & Answer

If they truly have a diagnoses of asthma, perhaps they have a rescue inhaler or a nebulizer that they periodically use.? Sounds as if this person could use this. Ask them. They will typically know what you are talking about. If they wish to use it, encourage them to do so, to help open the airway passages.

If trouble breathing persists, insist that they seek attention through the emergency room or visit the doctor. Call an ambulance if they out and out cannot breathe or catch their breath.

People often minimize illness such as the flu by saying "oh, I only have the flu." Remember flu kills and we historically there have been flu epidemics which wiped out many. Flu is especially dangerous if one has other conditions or diseases, which may exacerbate during times of illness.

Sounds as if you are a good friend. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

My boyfriend has bad allergies, and he often has trouble breathing in certain situations. Take them to a well ventilated area (like outside in fresh air), encourage them to breathe through their nose and out through their mouth, count the breaths, stay with them and offer words of support (not being able to breathe properly is scary

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