I wash my hands a lot! They Crack and Bleed! How do I make them soft?!

Question: I wash my hands a lot! They Crack and Bleed! How do I make them soft.?
So lets get one thing straight! I can't wear lotion. It makes my hand all weird feeling and I don't like it. As soon as I wear lotion I try to ignore it but end up washing the lotion off.Health Question & Answer

You might want to consider why you're washing your hands so much. I'd speak with a doctor and ask her opinion - on the lotion and on the hand washing.Health Question & Answer

Try paraffin wax. You can heat it up in a machine and dip your hands in it. You can leave it on your hands for however long you want then take it off. It comes off really easily too. You can have that done at salons or spas, or you could go to a beauty supply store and buy your own paraffin wax and your own machine.Health Question & Answer

hmm.. saltwater rocks, you can get them at wal-mart.
just rise your hands in them,
your hands will get extremely soft!
hopefully they help :]Health Question & Answer

believe it or not, but water doesn't moisturize. Lotion is the only way I know how to cure it. there are many types of lotion so just try them out.Health Question & Answer

My number one suggestion would be lotion but since you've said you don't want to use lotion.....I would have to say that saltwater rocks are the next best thing!Health Question & Answer

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