What these little bumps on my body is and how to treat them?!

Question: What these little bumps on my body is and how to treat them.?
I have bumps all over my back, shoulders, chest, and on my upper legs and starting to get a few here and there on my arms. I have had them for about 3-4 years now and they keep getting worse. Some of them will make small amount of clear or white puss come out. Idk if this is considered what they call "Back Acne" or not or if it is something else I would like any imput from anyone maybe with simular problems or knows about this. I just want to have my life back and be able to take my shirt off and go swiming confident like every other guy.
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go to your doctor, sounds like a fungal infection to me. if your embarrased try going to the store and get some lamisil, from walmart or walgreens, over the counter and usually for foot fungal, extremely common in atheletes. Try it in a small area for a few days and if it works then you know the problem, if not there is no danger to you!!

But go to the doctor, the have confidentiality clause they have to followHealth Question & Answer

Go to your GP, It sounds like severe acne which they can prescibe antibiotics for which will hopfully clear it up, And if its really bad you may even be entitled to free treatment to get rid of them.
Good luck. xHealth Question & Answer

use some oxy wipesHealth Question & Answer

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