My blood pressure keep changing. Why?!

Question: My blood pressure keep changing. Why.?
I am 478 fit , but I have HBP. I take 2 medications . My blood pressure is high in the morning between 145/90 to 153/100 but then around 2 PM after lunch my readings start to drop between 130/80 to 142/85. But around Midnight they go back up a little bit. My BP is genetic and I am very emotional and anxious. I don't feel taking a third medication or increasing my dosages as I feel it is not the way to go. What can I do.?Health Question & Answer

well after lunch, your parasympathetic system (relaxation) kicks in as your digestion is going on. vessels dilate, pressure generally decrease. this is why people feel sleepy after lunch :D

fluctuation isn't that big of deal unless doctors say it is simply because changes are normal in daily activities.

as for your emotional and anxiety problems, either talk to a psychologist or just develop a more positive outlook on life.Health Question & Answer

BP normally fluctuates a lot in any person, that is normal, it's part of the body's reaction to daily living.
However, your morning readings are dangerously high, don't ignore them. My first thought would be that you are not on the right medications, but I don't know what you are taking, so I can't recommend any others.
I don't know what you mean by 478 fit. If you weight 478 pounds, you would have to be 7 foot tall to be considered anything but obese. So a concerted effort at weight loss would perhaps be helpful.
You should also look at your diet, and cut way back on salt in your food.
And you should be drinking a minimum of 2 quarts of water daily.
also increasing your dietary intake of potassium would help, one source rich in potassium is raisins, a half cup daily would meet your needs. But you can find many lists of potassium rich foods online.Health Question & Answer

Blood pressure does change through out the day do not be obsest with it as long as it is in normal range at resting, I tries 3 differant medications till I found one that works well it is Ziac, you have to be firm with your Doc, and a second opioin is worth its weight in gold, good luck, Gog Bless. also each 10 or 20 pounds lost decreases it.Health Question & Answer

i think some of it has to do with what you are doing at that time. it is best if you do nothing one hour before then take the test. otherwise, your blood pressure would change depending on your daily actions.Health Question & Answer

go to a hospital this isnt some thing you would ask people on an online chat siteHealth Question & Answer

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