How do I bring down a high fever?!

Question: How do I bring down a high fever.?
of 104. I can't get to the doctor tonightHealth Question & Answer

Drink lots of liquids.. get some rest.Health Question & Answer


A temp. of 104 is extremely high, close to brain damage high. I would suggest taking 800mg of Ibuprofen and 1000mg Tylenol. No at the same time but alternating. also put ice packs under your arms and make sure the room you are in is cool.

What other symptoms do you have.?

Clinical Lab ScientistHealth Question & Answer

Take a couple of Tylonols or IBProfins if you have any,keep siping water every 5 minutes and use a cool wash cloth on your fore head.Health Question & Answer

Have some soup and then take a cool bath and soak for bit.

Starve a cold and Feed a fever!Health Question & Answer

soak in a warm tub of water. if that does not help,have a cool water enema.Health Question & Answer

Take Advil, Tylenol, or Ibuprophen.Health Question & Answer

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