Were you hypothyroid? Have you been treated successfully? ?!

Question: Were you hypothyroid.? Have you been treated successfully.? .?
If you are being successfully treated for hypothyroid, what medication, and what dosage are you taking.?

My old doctor treated me symptomatically and I did great. After he died, the new doctor ignores my hypothyroid symptoms, and pays attention only to the blood tests, which don't work for me. (I have found numerous sites on the net that confirm that some people just can't be treated by the blood tests.) -- This is extremely frustrating to say the least!Health Question & Answer

Sub-laboratory hypothyroidism

"Sub-laboratory" hypothyroidism occurs when blood levels of thyroid hormones and thyrotropin (TSH) are within reference ranges, yet hypothyroid symptoms are present and resolve with thyroid therapy. This type of hypothyroidism is thought not to be another form of the disease, but instead simply illuminates the failure of blood tests to fully reflect the health of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis. The lack of correlation between hypothyroid symptoms and serum thyrotropin (TSH) and T4, has been pointed out by several researchers.Health Question & Answer

That's very common. You need a different doctor if you can't convince him to help you feel better and you aren't happy with your current treatment. Try finding a doctor that will treat symptoms or specializes in hypothyroidim. I currently take Armour thyroid .5 grains. Not many doctors will prescribe it, luckily my current Dr. let me continue on it after I moved.Health Question & Answer

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