Can I take a double dose of 10mg prednisone to help with a mild asthma attack?!

Question: Can I take a double dose of 10mg prednisone to help with a mild asthma attack.?
On a regular day I take 10mg of prednisone twice a day [morning and night], as well as multiple other medications for my asthma. Today [because of a pending snow storm and a small one last night] my asthma has been extremely bad. Early this morning I was at the emergency room, but was sent home after about 8 hours [I have a nebulizer at home and was given a few treatments and an adrenaline shot earlier today]. I got home this morning around 10a, and since then have used the nebulizer twice. I've taken the prednisone as directed, as well as the other medications, but I won't "clear". I still have the wheezing, rattling, etc. Right now I'm short of breathe, but not full out asthma attack [yet at leastt]. I was wondering if I took another 10mg prednisone would that help until I get to the hospital [which will be another hour or so since we got snow earlier and my husband needs to shovel before we can leave]. They're going to give me prednisone anyway, so could I just take the extra now and tell them when we get there.?


also, if it matters: I am on: prednison 10mg, albuterol sulfate .083%, advair 500/50, cingulair 20mg, cetrizine 10mg, flovent 220mcg and the albuterol inhaler. As well as many others, but this is just the asthma medications.Health Question & Answer

I am a former Registered Respiratory Therapist and now have COPD,Emphysema.I've been in your situation on both sides.
The general answer is no, do not take more prednisone. Always check with your doctor before you do that. They should have given you Solumedrol in the ER. That would have done the most good. Solumedrol is another steroid but is intended for urgent use.
I know how tempting it is to overuse your nebulizer and your inhaler but fight that. If you use too much you could have what's called a rebound effect and you would get worse. You might try Mucinex to help with the sputum. Or a cool humidifier.Yes go to the ER again and ask them about Solumedrol.
Let them tell you whether you should increase your dose of Prednisone.
God bless you and I hope you feel better real soon.Health Question & Answer

i really have no experience with those drugs, but whenever i feel like i need a boost, i'll take more than the "safe" amount generally every time... but im always reasonably careful. from my experiences, the warnings about fatalities over a certain milligram of a drug are usually way lower than what the real fatal dose is... but that's just me.Health Question & Answer

Personally, I would try a few more treatments of albuterol and see how that is, just space them out about 30 minutes or so. Prednisone is a steroid, and while it works well for you, I do not advise you to take this without your doctor's consent. If you do not want to go to the hospital, you can always call up your doctors office, most have an after hours number or on call physician. ask him what he think. Steroids work, but they have some serious side effects, especially when taken in larger than normal doses or over a long period of time.

You know your body best, if you think you need to go to the hospital, forget shoveling - breathing is more important.Health Question & Answer

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