Does drinking alcohol affect antibiotics?!

Question: Does drinking alcohol affect antibiotics.?
Alcohol consumption affects the effectiveness of an antibiotic. i.e. : if one consumes alcohol while taking antibiotics, the effect is that it lowers the effect of the antibiotic. Alcohol inhibits the antibiotic nature.

That's the end of the discussion. Just ask your dr.Health Question & Answer

yes, alcohol does negate the effectiveness of antibiotics, specifically.

If you drink while taking anti biotics, the meds will not do their job properly. Same thing w/ birth control pills.
also, some antibiotics react with the alcohol and can make you sick.

Lol, sorry for the bad news....Health Question & Answer

I don't think it is necessarily that the alcohol affects the antibiotics as much as how both of them mix together will affect you. Antibiotics usually tend to make you feel bad anyway and then mix it with another drug and it could make you feel really bad and can cause bad reactions in some cases.Health Question & Answer

You should not drink alcohol when you are taking medications, period.

ThanksHealth Question & Answer

yes they will not work , if you drink while taking them you are wasting your moneyHealth Question & Answer

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