How much chocolate till I have a heart-attack?!

Question: How much chocolate till I have a heart-attack.?
I'm eating bags of little candy bars, day by day. I was 5'11 160, no it's about 5'11 171... and I'm 28Health Question & Answer

Chocolate doesn't cause heart attacks. You fail to mention if you have any other risk factors so I can't assume you will never have one, but based on the information you gave, I will say this:

You are far from being obese, but I do think its time to step away from the chocolate before you have to buy new pants.Health Question & Answer

You fat son of a ******! Eat another damn chocolate bar and I'm gonna have to slap you. I'll have sympathy for ya if it's dark chocolate though. Heard that stuff is good for ya.Health Question & Answer

Eat dark chocolate as it contains anti-oxidants and is good for your heart in small amounts thoughHealth Question & Answer

hahahaah you can never have to much chocolate....
dont worry about ittttHealth Question & Answer

one more hopefully.... go ahead... eat it!Health Question & Answer

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