Cold air make me cough?!

Question: Cold air make me cough.?
--i am going to new york for the holidays. and i know that it will be cold over there. i really don't want to cough throughtout my stay over there. its my first time there and i really want to have a good time. is there something that i can do to not make me cough.? should i wear something warm.? remedies, medication.? thanks.Health Question & Answer

The reason you cough when you breath cold air is because it irritates the lining in your lungs and stimulates a response to "remove" the problem. When you breath cold air it is also dry and that is a problem. Drink something warm when your outside. The best and simplest remedy would be to wear a scarf around your mouth and nose. When you breath in and out, the water vapor moisture that escapes your nose will get trapped in the scarf and when you breath in, the air will catch the moisture and heat and it won't irritate your lungs as bad as the cold dry air would. Hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer


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