Does it appear to you that all viruses and ?!

Question: Does it appear to you that all viruses and .?
bad incurable illnesses are associated to herpiesHealth Question & Answer

There are a lot of "illnesses" that cause herpes and are caused by herpes. There are soooo many types! It does seem that way sometimes.Health Question & Answer

There are SOOOOOOO many more viruses and incurable illnesses that are not associated to herpes.
It has never appeared that way to me... of course I've been extremely interested in medical stuff since I was a kid and always watched medical shows, and read books... even got an anatomy book for christmas once. haha.
There are a lot more viruses than just herpes, that are a lot worse than anything herpes can cause.Health Question & Answer

I don't think so. Although herpes is not curable but it is suppressible and can stay dormant in our bodies.Health Question & Answer

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