Where to go to complain about a dentist?!

Question: Where to go to complain about a dentist.?
Where would you go to complain about a dentist who couldn
Of course not...He can only get paid for services rendered. Now if the appointment that you had with him was a check up in which he cleaned your teeth and nothing more it should be taking care of by you insurance. Now if you do not have insurance...get some because that was a service that although minimal you still must pay for.
Now every dentist is accredited by a insurance company and or billing company. You should get surveys on how your dentist is doing every now and then. Now the company in which your dentist has to answer to by law must be posted at the specific place of business. This is to unsure that you are going to someone who actually went to school for this matter.
My best advice, go into the office and take down the information posted about the contact numbers of the company. And also make sure that you keep a written record and hard copy of any bills, appointments and what was done, harassment letters, and your own personal phone records. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Not sure what the dental problem you were experiencing was but they probably just charged you for a problem-focused exam, and possibly an x-ray. The reason for this is that you took up chair time and supplies, and you get charged just like you would if you had an office visit at your general physician's office. Say you weren't feeling well and the doc tells you it's viral and sends you home; you still have to pay for their time. Sorry he wasn't able to help and sorry no one has gotten back to you.Health Question & Answer

There are dental committees in most communities that are comprised of local dentists in the area. They are like the better business bureau for dentists. They can review a case and help you get stuff done if needed.

Remember if this did take the dentists time, he may be entitled to payment for what he did even if it didn't work. A lot of dental work has no guarantee. I don't know the details in this case to make a judgment though.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Well you wouldnt go to the better business bureau, because if you dont register your company with them there are NO CONSEQUENCES. You need to report that dentist to your states Dental board. But if that dentist has it documented that a visit cost a certain amount you are responsible I deal with this all the time. Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

the BBB or better business bureau or the department of professional regulation in my state, but get all the proof first and a copy of all your records from the office.Health Question & Answer

better business bureauHealth Question & Answer

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