How long until I see results from braces?!

Question: How long until I see results from braces.?
I am getting braces in like a month or two, I was just wondering how long does it usually take to see results.?

My teeth are extremely crooked and crowded, my bottom teeth aren't that bad, but the top are very bad and crooked (my 2 front teeth are in a V shape and the teeth beside my front teeth are crooked too)

How long will it take for my teeth to fairly straighten out, to the point where it looks decent.? (starting from the day I get my braces on)
That image is a bit like my teeth, except my 2 front teeth are in a V shape as well (like an outwards V)

also, I brush everyday and stuff so my gums are healthy and my teeth aren't yellow etc, will that effect the time it takes to straighten them.?

And just for clarification, thats not a picture of my teeth.

Oh and, I am 15 years old too.Health Question & Answer

The person who can give you the real answer to this question is the orthodontist who gave you the braces. People on Yahoo who can't see your teeth, have no detailed knowledge of your situation, and mostly have no dental training can only give you vague guesses. Ask your orthodontist on your next visit, or leave a pone message if you're impatient.Health Question & Answer

I really think it depends on the person. I had my braces on for almost 2 years, but started seeing results within the first year. Like quite noticeably early on.

But I also know people having braces on for like 4 years and didn't notice results for a while.

But my teeth were fairly crooked and I noticed them in about 6 months or so.

Good luck. :)Health Question & Answer

i have had my braces on for about 2 months (im your age) and mine are a lot like yours but the last few weeks a bunch of people have been telling me how much straighter my teeth are an its been less than 2 months. my orthodonist said that you will see the most results in the 1st three months of getting them on.

ps- i have to have mine on for a year and 1/2 to 2 years.
they hurt major but are sooo worth it to have the confidence when you smile!

hope this helped! good luck!Health Question & Answer

it actually depends. if your teeth are moderately crooked, then about a year. but if they are crooked beyond doubt, then maybe 18 months, or two years.Health Question & Answer

At least a year or more. Health Question & Answer

Agreed; Probably one to two years.Health Question & Answer

when i had braces, i actually saw a diff. within a month. i was like, hey, i don't guess i have to keep them on as long as they thought. but they have to stay on even after your teeth are straighter in order for them get used to being in that position. after you have them removed, the dentist may put a permanent retainer behind your teeth to make sure they continue not to move.
keeping your teeth clean is obviously a great thing, but unfortunately it wont help speed the process. hang in there dude. your teeth will be straight before you know it.Health Question & Answer

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