What dental x-ray shows the four front teeth with roots?!

Question: What dental x-ray shows the four front teeth with roots.?
Is the panorex the only x-ray that would show the roots of the four front teeth on ONE x-ray (not alot of perapicals put together...) Is there a two-dimensional x-ray that would for instance show the root of a baby canine and the permant canine as well as the lateral incisor root all in one x-ray. Would the 'occlusal' x-ray.? show all four maxillary teeth with any impactions.? The panorex I have looks unclear. Thanks for any helpful responses.Health Question & Answer

Occlusograph would work. So would a periapical; the lower teeth are quite thin and you could probably fit all four on one size2 filmHealth Question & Answer

I would say that depending on the length of the roots, a #2 film turned horizontally and taken as a periapical might show all four anteriors. If you have extremely long roots this may not work, but I would say it would likely work for most people. The only thing is because of the curve in the anterior, you are not likely to open the contacts between the laterals and centrals. Your x-ray is going to have to be slightly curved in order to fit. Does that help at all.?!.?Health Question & Answer

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