Do You think I need Braces?!

Question: Do You think I need Braces.?
Here's a pic of my teeth
do you think i need braces, or is it not worth the $ Question & Answer

this is a very unreliable source. an orthodontist would look at your jaw, not only your teeth. i would recommend you see an orthodontist if you really want to know if you need braces.Health Question & Answer

Braces wouldn't hurt, but your teeth are actually fine. Lucky!
I am 13 and I have to wait until I am 15 to get braces and wear them for 3 years because I have to have jaw surgery. :P
I've got a freaking Leno chin! (acutally not yet, but if I don't get the surgery for it I will)Health Question & Answer

They look ok, but braces can really improve them. Is it worth the money.? It depends on how nice you want your teeth to look. My daughter has a $6,000 smile. I want her to be confident in this world. Braces were just one more way to help her be more confident.Health Question & Answer

you can't leave the decision up to the people of y!a. go see a orthodontist and he or she will tell you what you need and for how long.
Health Question & Answer

I would not think braces are necessary but you probably get something else done to help it like a retainer much cheaperHealth Question & Answer

no, they look really nice. I have braces now and it wouldn't be worth the pain or money for someone with a straight as teeth as you.

Lucky =]Health Question & Answer

No your teeth look really good mine look like that and i had braces!Health Question & Answer

They look good. Consider yourself lucky that your teeth are not crooked :)Health Question & Answer

it looks fine from front but a side view is needed to see if you have a bad overbite.Health Question & Answer

Noo! they look fine :)Health Question & Answer

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