I have a crossbite - my jaw is shifted to the left - do i need surgery?!

Question: I have a crossbite - my jaw is shifted to the left - do i need surgery.?
I do have a crossbite to the left, and lately, my jaw has been popping when i chew. will i need to get surgery.? do i need a brace or something.? If i do get surgery, what will my face look like the day(s) after.?Health Question & Answer

surgery will be used if there is an extreme case, which is rare and probably not your problem. most like you your orthodontist will give you head gear which is used for over bites and cross bites.Health Question & Answer

I also have a crossbite from few years ago and still havent gotten a surgery. My orthodontists told me that I will need surgery sooner or it will get worst. Usually, this kind of situation will cost a lot.
Talk to your orthodontists and ask him how bad it is, the price, and what will happen if you don't do it by then.
It is very costly and I have seen people with crossbites. After the surgery, the results are extraordinary, they look more handsome/beautiful.
It's not like a plastic surgery, I'm saying they now look normal.Health Question & Answer

Usually a dentist will gives you some kind of brace to wear at night to prevent teeth grinding, which is the most common cause of this.

Surgery is rarely discussed as an option.Health Question & Answer

No, yeah you are right. You need braces IF directed by your dentist.

I have a crossbite and my jaw is shifted to the left (or right.? I am not sure) but I have braces, so it is fixing my crossbite.Health Question & Answer

if you have a cross bte then obviously you would ahve to get surgery retard.Health Question & Answer

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