How quickly can one schedule oral surgery (wisdom tooth extraction)?!

Question: How quickly can one schedule oral surgery (wisdom tooth extraction).?
Over the weekend, a partially emerged wisdom tooth became super swollen and inflamed (I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep due to stress) and I know I can't put off having it removed any longer. I am going to start calling oral surgeons tomorrow. Does anyone know how quickly they can likely schedule the surgery.? It HURTS. also, do I absolutely have to have a referral from a dentist if I know the tooth is an impacted wisdom tooth.? I just want to get it all over with. Thank you!Health Question & Answer

It all depends on the surgeon and the x-ray. But wisdom teeth must come out of the mouth. Most of the time the wisdom teeth are rotten by the time they get to the surface. Health Question & Answer

Extraction is not the treatment of choice for a tooth that is healthy and is erupting in a right direction and has enough space for growing. Specially if you have filling in the back of you mouth.. so first a dentist should evaluate the situation to decide whether it is necessary to remove the tooth or not. You can also have the overlaying gum removed surgically.

Meanwhile, try antiseptic mouth rinse or saltwater (not too salty) couple of times a day and gently massage the overlaying gum . it's better to keep it and deal with the pain and infection with a course of antibiotics if it becomes necessary.

The pain may go away after sometime. But it is possible that your tooth doesn't come out for quiet some time. It might hurt again; a periodic procedure until it fully erupts.Health Question & Answer

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