Dental advice needed! Just had three teeth extracted and.....?!

Question: Dental advice needed! Just had three teeth extracted and......?
stitches were needed. This was done by my (new and rather young!) dentist in his surgery. No knock out, just local anaesthetic. Three injections to the roof of my mouth and I lost count at three in my gum line! I have had a fair bit of dental work done and my share of teeth being extracted but when I agreed to this course of treatment I was assured that all would be well in time for my holiday next week. I have a mouth full of blood and will, no doubt, scare my son and his mates when I collect him from school. I look like the bride of frankenstein, or someone equally bloody! What can I do apart from salt water mouth wash to speed up the healing process so I am not a toothless wonder in 10 days.? Call me Gummy, go on, I can larf at myself! The crazy bit is,he gave me my new denture to bring home for my back teeth and I am totally bemused as to where and how it fits. I know where I wanna stick the darned thing!! And I was expecting some antibiotics and/or painkillers...maybe mouthwash...nope, just start the salt mouthwash from I gotta scare the local kids till then cos I cannot stop the blood coming outta the side of my mouth. You made and enemy today,Mr, Dentist!!!! I am in the U.K, btw. Cheers and Have Fun...I struggle to say Keep Smiling...but I Keep Smiling ;0)Health Question & Answer


sorry :P... i had two teeth out last week and I'm still recovering. No doubt Im fine, and its not painfull. I just cant eat properly.. And there is still a horrible taste, no matter how much you mouthwash/brush your teeth the taste dont go away... I was worried when i had them out, well afterwards because it bled for ages. But trust me it does stop after a few hours. I went to sleep then when i woke up it was ok. The ESSENTIAll things are deffo painkillers :)

p.s DO NOT use cotton wool !!!

use gauze or a non herbal teabag to stop the bleedingHealth Question & Answer

Good grief, you poor soul! Mr Dentist could do with a visit from the Heavy Mob! Trained out of last century's Uzhbekistan's tuppeny paperback by chance.?.? Go get some Corsodyl mouthwash, and go back to him and complain BITTERLY at the sorry state he's left you in. xHealth Question & Answer

OMG thank you so much i am due to have 4 teeth out at hospital and some root work i am now dreading it, is it that bad.? blood in your mouth.? oh crap i am sure your teeth will heal soon your body always healsHealth Question & Answer


Health Question & Answer

i was wondering if your gums are ok.?.? i Had a extraction once and it was real scary looking the first day then it healed so fast. weird that he didn't give you prescription pain medication for the 4 extractions. if its hurting so bad that ibuprofen ist helping,call him and ask for the good stuff.... just in case he didn't tell you no smoking and no sucking of straws or anything similar to that .Health Question & Answer

i just had 4 wisdoms out and yes it is that bad i've eaten nothing in 4 days and i've lost 10 lbs last i checked.
My face is swollon up on one side and i look absolutely terrifying. Worst part is, i am in pain too even WITH a constant flow of vicodin.

I would think for that he wouldve knocked you totally out. Anyway he should have at least given you more instruction. I was told by my oral surgeon that if you bite down on a dry caffeneited ( NON herbal) tea bag for about half an hour or so instead of guaze, that this is very effective in stopping the bleeding. As far as figuring how to use the piece, he defiinitely shouldve showed you how to use that. I would go back and get some better info. You ARE paying him and it IS his job...
GOOD LUCK i know this damn well sucks!Health Question & Answer

The best think you can do is put cotton (dry) on the bleeding gums and keep a little pressure on it, not a lot. This will stop the bleeding rather quickly. Hopefully by the time you pick up your son from school the bleeding will have stopped if not you can choose between talking a little funny or take the cotton out. This has always worked for me. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Your teeth must have been connected to the bone causing the problem and the shedding of pieces of bone or teeth. It will heal faster than you think. It is scary of course. I'm certain that the stitches are the kind that dissolve in your mouth and do not require you to go back to have them removed. Soon your big wonderful smile will be back. Enjoy your holiday!Health Question & Answer

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