Oh No, Extraction site :O?!

Question: Oh No, Extraction site :O.?
Its been 5 days since I had two teeth removed. And this morning I woke up and theres blood on my lip and in my mouth. Why is the extraction site bleeding .? Its a little sore but no different to any other day. Is this bad .?Health Question & Answer

Blood is not typically present after 5 days but I still wouldn't worry about it unless it continues for another few days, especially if it is very much blood.

You can just give the dentist/oral surgeon who extracted it a call and ask him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving you adviceHealth Question & Answer

Be sure you are following all the guidelines your dental practitioner gave you for proper care after your surgery. Have you been using straws.? They can cause serious damage with abscesses. Try gargling gently with salt water and eating only lukewarm foods. Call your doctor's office if the bleeding is severe or doesn't subside or if the pain increases. An oral infection can be very dangerous!Health Question & Answer

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