4 Wisdom Teeth Being pulled... Small Party that night.... What should i do??? ?!

Question: 4 Wisdom Teeth Being pulled... Small Party that night.... What should i do.?.?.? .?
i am having all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. This is going to be done by an oral surgeon and i dont know if i will feel like having this party. the party is only going to be like 6 other people including me and we really aren't going to be doing that many active activities like dancing or running around. we will probably only watch a movie or something like that. The surgery is going to be in the morning and i probably wont have people over until about 9pm. In the surgery i will be on concious sedation. Afterwards im going to being given painkillers. I will most likely ice my mouth for the rest of the day to reduce swelling. What should I do.? Cancell the party or will i be in good enough condition to still have it.?..?..?.Health Question & Answer

Well, I would cancel the party. A tooth extraction is very different for each person and you most likely will want to sleep the rest of the night. You will be sore and groggy. also, the post-op instructions are to take it easy for 24 hours. No strenuous activities like lifting, exercising, dancing, etc. I know you said you won't be doing any of that but the guests are at your house so you are going to want to accommodate them by getting up and down! The reason they want you to take it easy is because they want the clot to form where the tooth used to be. If this doesn't happen then you will get a dry socket and that is very painful. :( It is better for you just to get some rest and give your body time to heal properly! There is always next weekend!

FYI: No sucking out of a straw, spitting, lifting, carrying, eating hard foods (soft foods only), icing the area where the teeth were extracted, and rest! Those are the most common instructions after surgery! If you are a smoker please don't smoke! The inhaling can pull your dry socket out! Good Luck!
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Well when I got my wisdom teeth pulled about 3 years ago, right after the operation, I was told to go home and rest, I was in no shape to go out and about and continue my daily life. I had to go crawl in bed and sleep on it, also my jaw was swollen from the operation, I had to use my antibiotics to keep the swollen down and get me back in normal shape !

My suggestion to you would be to cancel the party and rest after the operation, trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Take Care

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I had mine taken out pretty recently. I don't think you'll feel up to having a party, but a movie would be good. Your jaw will still be really swollen, even with ice, and you'll look like a chipmunk for a few days. You definitely shouldn't be dancing or running around since you'll run the risk of dry socketing (which is REALLY painful). Health Question & Answer

Everyone is different when they get their wisdom teeth pulled - the part you need to remember and consider is that this IS A SURGERY. i can not really think of anyone that would want to have surgery and then party. you will be given pain killers and you wont be allowed to ice your mouth. you need to put heat on your mouth. warm cloths. I would reschedule the party if you can. Im sure your guests will understandHealth Question & Answer

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