Why are my two front teeth a bit bigger than my other teeth?!

Question: Why are my two front teeth a bit bigger than my other teeth.?
well, as it says in the title, my two front teeth are a bit bigger and broader than my other teeth. i'm just curious as to know why they are like that.

i'm from europe, just putting that out there, it might explain something.
if you need any more details, just ask, and i'll be happy to tell you

so, answer away :)Health Question & Answer

Everyone has unique teeth, and yours are just that. Chances are if your parents or somewhere along in your bloodline had broader front teeth, you've inherited it! =]Health Question & Answer

What most of the people wrote is correct, but there is that "one other thing"...

if your parents were experimental and decided to bring animals into the equation, like rabbits. I dont know your background, but if your mom gets a little flustered when she sees Bugs Bunny, then you may want to ask more questions...like, who's your real father...Health Question & Answer

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