I woke up yesterday with a really stiff jaw (on the right side)...?!

Question: I woke up yesterday with a really stiff jaw (on the right side)....?
It didn't really hurt to open my mouth wide, it was just more difficult. This morning when I woke up the stiffness has gone away by a lot but if I open my mouth wide, every now and then my jaw will catch. Is this serious or just one of those things that'll go away on its own.? I don't have TMJ and my teeth are in great condition. I'm 20 years old.Health Question & Answer

try some loosing gel or just go to the dentistHealth Question & Answer

Have you come into contact with rust lately.? It can cause lockjaw if you haven't had your tetanus shots.

The more likely reason is damaged nerves in your mouth, which can result from anything from being punched in the jaw to an infection. If it continues for more than a couple of days, schedule an appointment with your dentist.Health Question & Answer

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