What it's like getting all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, and an extra one.but with stitches in all those places.?!

Question: What it's like getting all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, and an extra one.but with stitches in all those places..?
So this wednesday(10/15/08) I will be getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out, plus a very small extra tooth i was born with in my gums.This sounds very scary to me, especially because the word " surgery" comes into play.ive had surgery before and it sucked. mainly because I had to stay at home forever!but this though is really gonna be bad because i love to eat!and i know I am not going to be able to eat solid food for a while.im mainly concerned about the stiches though.there still under my gums so yea.so please, if you've had this done before or you know somebody that has, please let me know what its like.thank youHealth Question & Answer

I've had 4 wisdom teeth taken out all in one hit. You go in, you're given a needle. You're out to it the whole time. You wake up. Bit of blood but you get used to it. You can't feel your lips which is quite funny.

The stitches dissolve after time so there's nothing to worry about. You're given painkillers so you won't feel any pain for at least 2 days.

Eat iceblocks. They stop the blood. Looks gross but does the job.

Some people feel sick after anaesthetic. I didn't.

You'll be right.Health Question & Answer

Depends on how much these teeth are inside your gums. If they are already outside the gum, they heal in no time, and it only takes 2 minutes to remove each one. I just got all four of them removed, and the top two were outside the gum so it was a snap and crack, literally.

The bottom one was inside the gum, and the dentist had to cut me up and the tooth in half with a special tool. No pain at all, but now i have a big hole there and will take a month to close up. Annoying.

Just get your antibiotics and painkillers, and it will not hurt at all. But it sucks to not be able to eat properly for like 3 days, and then to having yo clean your extraction holes because food will get there. I am doing an experiment to use chewing gum (sugarless) to fill the holes before eating so no cleaning will be required.Health Question & Answer

NO Sweat -- you will be fine! I am an RDA, (registered dental assistant) I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled all at once, not a scheduled appointment> One morning we had a patient not show up, within 11 minutes, with me wide awake, all 3 were out in 11 minutes, I got up, drank a glass of water - carefully - and worked the rest of the day!

Dentistry has come a long way. It will be a piece of cake. You can eat soft solid foods with 24 hours, just try to chew, carefully and not on the sockets. No straws - no sucking action, that's what loosens the clots and makes dry sockets -- THAT is what you DO NOT want - dry sockets. No worries about the sutures. Just follow the directions they give you when you leave, they will prepare you with every thing you need to have and do and know. Just listen, and read all the literature they give you.

No worries. If you need more info you can email me at:

Good Luck! and relax!Health Question & Answer

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