One thing is for certain. Scope seems to be much better tasting than Listerine. However, there are many more things much more important than taste when comparing the two mouthwash products.

Listerine seems to be leading the pack in the race for top spot between the two products. One of the main reasons for this is the approval rating it has received from the American Dental Association. This is an honor that is not easily come by and is not taken lightly.

It's surprising to some people when they hear that Listerene has a long history and has been around since the 1880's. Originally marketed as a cleaning product, it wasn't until 1915 or so that it came into it's own as mouthwash. It has really been on a roll ever since and has never looked back.

Listerine has many positive attributes. It has been formulated to fight tooth decay, whiten teeth, and control tartar. It also kills off oral bacteria and effectively prevents gingivitis. It is without doubt a very effective product in the fight for sweet smelling breath.

Scope has also been around for many years and has also stood the test of time for it's manufacturer, Proctor and Gamble. In recent years Scope has gone from the familiar green color and minty flavor to an array of different formulas. Ultimately it seems to be much more than a scented product and is a well-known for keeping the mouth fresh and killing the bacteria that causes halitosis.

On the downside, Scope contains alcohol and glycerin and both these ingredients have a drying effect on the soft tissues on the inside of the mouth. Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect and in fact will contribute to bad breath, because it lowers the amount of saliva necessary to get the most out of bacteria-fighting properties.

Often, products do not work the same for everyone. Possibly there is something in our chemical make-up that causes different chemical reactions from other people. With a product like mouthwash, and in particular, Listerine and Scope, there might be little to choose from. Ultimately it might just come down to which one seems to work better for each individual consumer.

It's a fact that not every product is created equal, and it may be necessary to try several brands in order to find the one that seems to work the best for you.

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Neither... I love my Crest : ) because it doesn't leave that burning sensation in my mouth.Health Question & Answer

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