Have you Ever had braces on your teeth?!

Question: Have you Ever had braces on your teeth.?
Yes! have to wear for one more time too lolHealth Question & Answer

i had mine for 1 and a half year . it was so painful on the second day! it felt like my teeth were gonna EXPLODE!!! hahah but its worth it. doesnt hurt when they put it on tho... if thats what your thinkingHealth Question & Answer

Fortunately, no! Answer mine.? .?qid=20081013130900AAnnf5X">http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index.?...Health Question & Answer

Luckily no i haven`t,darling,had to wear braces.Health Question & Answer

I have them in right now. It doesn't really hurt as much as you'd think...I get mine off April 2010 - counting down the days!! :) lolHealth Question & Answer

Yep. I do right now. For the next 3 years i will be wearing braces =(Health Question & Answer

Yes I had them from when I was 9 to when I was 12.Health Question & Answer

Yes, for four years. Why do you ask this question.?Health Question & Answer

still got them. im gettting them out in 2 months!!!
Health Question & Answer

nope, but i had them on my eyes once and it was terrible!Health Question & Answer

Yupp(:Health Question & Answer

yeah, worth the moneyHealth Question & Answer

nope, but i wll soon!Health Question & Answer

i doHealth Question & Answer

yaHealth Question & Answer

yes, twice in factHealth Question & Answer

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